Your In-Home Personal Chef

Why cook when you can Koki!

A luxury you can afford 


In just  24 hours a Chef is in your home. 


Service includes a chef and fresh groceries. Simply pick from our carefully designed menus.

Pricing starts at $119


Meal Prep
Starting for 1
$13 per meal



Starting for 10
$65 per person



Starting for 4
$55 per person



Starting for 6
$40 per person


How It Works



Choose between our brunch, dinner, party, and meal prep menus (each available all day). Confirm the number of people enjoying the delicious meal. Select your preferred dishes.



Select the date, time you would like to eat, location, and payment method. We will send an email confirming all reservation details. Your Koki Chef will arrive 2 hours before your desired mealtime with all groceries and cookware.  



Sit back and relax while your Koki Chef prepares your entire meal, plates each dish, and cleans the kitchen! We only ask that the kitchen is cleaned prior to our arrival. 


Want to become a Koki Chef?

Koki is a in-home personal chef booking service. We offer three carefully curated menus to satisfy every occasion and appetite. We deliver Koki certified chefs to prepare locally sourced and restaurant quality food in the comforts of people's homes or vacation rentals at any time. 

We are seeking culinary professionals and food enthusiasts to join our rapidly growing team. 

Why Koki? 

Competitive pay
Build your own schedule
Make money doing what you love

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If you have any questions, suggested items that you would like to see on the menu, or any feedback in general, please don't hesitate to contact us using the form below. We would love to hear from you!

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