Story Behind The food

the best meals begin with high quality fresh ingredients

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Organic is Our standard

We’ve chosen Whole Foods Market as our main food supplier because of their commitment to maintain the strictest standards in the grocery store industry. Whole Foods exclusively sells products free from artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, sweetners, and hydrogenated fats. We purchase organic produce, grass-fed and pasture raised meat, responsibly farmed and wild caught seafood.

We support local

We support local farmers, fish markets, and butchers! We buy direct or support them through purchases at Whole Foods Market or from local farmers market. We look to support produce grown organically right here in the state of FL.

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purchased fresh for you!

We shop just for your booking, selecting the best produce and proteins. We mull over the best potatoes or bell peppers to select because we want your experience to be perfect. And because we shop just for you, we are happy to accommodate minor changes to your menu. Such as broccoli instead of green beans, or organic brown rice instead of potatoes.

Your meal, your call!