Frequently Asked Questions


How does Koki work?

Koki allows you to book a five-star chef to your home or vacation rental. We match your booking with a hand selected and thoroughly vetted chef. At your requested time, a chef will arrive at your door with all meal ingredients and any special cookware. The chef will prepare your meal, plate any dishes you want to each in the moment, pack the remaining meals away, and clean the kitchen; all while you sit back, relax.


What services are offered by Koki?

Koki currently offers a weekly meal management service. If you have a special need, please email us at


What if I want a dish not listed on your menu?

Currently we are only offering services to prepare the items on our menu. However, our menu changes every two weeks, and we ask that you submit feedback and recommendations to 


Where does Koki purchase their proteins and produce?

Whenever and wherever possible, we strive to provide organic, responsibly grown, free range food, sourced from Whole Foods, Fresh Market, Costco, and local farms. 


Do I need to do anything to prepare for my Koki Chef arrival?

We only ask that the kitchen the Chef will be using is clean prior to their arrival. 


Can I pick a chef? 

We will match the most qualified chef available at the time to your booking. 


How are Koki Chef’s vetted?

We carefully hand select each chef in the Koki network. We conduct rigorous pre-screenings, followed by thorough in-person interviews and complete background checks. 


What if I love my Koki Chef and want to book them directly instead of booking through Koki?

We expect that you will love every chef that we send to prepare delicious meals for you. However, we ask that you help us keep our ecosystem alive by booking directly with us. Booking through us gives you piece of mind, quality service, and a service guarantee. Our goal is to make sure every booking experience is exceptional.


What if I do not like my food?

Satisfaction with your Koki Experience is our number one priority. If your meal was not up to your standards notify us within 24 hours of your Experience. We may require images depending on the circumstances. 


What is Koki’s cancellation policy? 

You may cancel or reschedule your booking up to 48 hours before the Chef’s scheduled arrival time.

If you cancel in less than 48 hours of the booking, you will not receive a refund.*


*Proteins and perishable meal items are purchased within 24 hours of your booking to guarantee freshness. There is a significant food cost loss and a chef’s wage loss to bookings cancelled with less than 48 hours notice.