What We Believe:

What we eat, where we eat, and who we eat with has the ability to bring us so much joy. The only thing that can top an amazingly prepared meal is enjoying that meal with someone you care for deeply. Meals shared with our closest friends and families usually give us the best memories we hold near and dear to our hearts. 

We believe it is so important that we not only take time to consume the best food but that we prioritize having regular meals and connecting with others. The time spent laughing over Tuesday night dinner will have a lasting impact on our physical, mental, and emotional health. 

Koki means taking time to enjoy your family.

What We See:

All too often we find ourselves inconvenienced in search of the quickest dinner option. For many people, family dinner is either takeout or you have to spend an hour or two running to the grocery store and cooking a meal you hope the family enjoys. Undoubtedly the experience of a relaxed weekday family dinner is a mere dream for most families and the reality looks more like hot food from the grocery store or cooking the same thirty minute meals week after week.


Koki provides healthy homemade meals for your family.

Koki Founder Tiara Miles wins first place in Babson’s WIN Lab Finale pitch competition

Koki Founder Tiara Miles wins first place in Babson’s WIN Lab Finale pitch competition

Why We Started:

Growing up in Chicago, Koki’s Founder, Tiara Miles, was raised by two working parents. Her mother a nurse and father a construction worker. Family dinner was a foreign concept and the only vivid memory she has is her role in defrosting proteins before her mom arrived home from work. It wasn’t until she became a vegetarian at 17, food began to play a major role in her life. 

While attending Barnard College of Columbia University, Tiara fell in love with dining around New York City with her friends. This quickly led to her entertaining friends and experimenting with cooking thanks to The Food Network. During this time she learned the importance of cooking balanced meals with fresh quality ingredients. 

In 2013, Tiara moved to Miami FL. Still a vegetarian, her partner prefers every meal to have meat. Every week Tiara would spend one to two hours visiting several grocery stores purchasing ingredients and preparing separate dishes for their weekly meal prep. When she finished cooking they rarely had time to pause and eat together and talk about their day. Unable to find a solution to her challenge she decided to build a company that gives her homemade healthy meals customized to her family’s needs.

Koki means new found time.

Koki Founder Tiara Miles is interviewed by Heather, Founder of Local Mom Scoop.

What We Do:

Koki delivers personal chefs next day to your home to prepare fresh healthy meals for your family. Our vetted experienced chefs prepare four entrees for your family, help you set the table to eat one meal same day, while carefully packing away the others.

Our service will save you at least six hours of time with each booking. We hope our service allows you to invest time in yourself, as well as, in those you love.